College students protest bursary cuts, evictions

by Binwe Adebayo Students of the Eastcape Midlands College are currently protesting after certain students were denied full bursaries by National Student Financial Aid Scheme (NSFAS). As a result, local landlords have threatened to evict those affected. After some students were evicted on Monday night 24 February, a large crowd of students gathered to protest at around 11pm, many wearing pyjamas. The students moved up along Hill Street and up along Milner Road in Uitenhage. Some protesters jumped over the College's fence, before three police vehicles arrived at the scene. The crowd dispersed at around 12.30pm but the protest resumed early this morning and is set to continue until their demands are met. The Student Representative … [Read More...]

Service Delivery Protests continue in Uitenhage

Rioters in Uitenhage disrupting access to certain areas by barricading roads with fires. They are protesting over service delivery and want houses of their own to live in. Roads shown in this video include: Corner of Cannon Street and Middle Street (Kabah), Kamesh Road close to Blikkiesdorp and Kamesh Road in the Thomas Gamble area. Thanks to Rostin van Heerdan for providing the footage. This does seem to be a continuation of what started in 2013 here: November 15 - Uitenhage community members claim police used live ammunition to disperse protesters on Thursday. At least one person has been taken to hospital with what's believed to be gunshot wounds in both legs. … [Read More...]

Is the Citrix Virtualization Learning Path Right for Your Certification Needs?

If you are interested in earning the CCEE for Virtualization certification, you may wish to pursue the Design Phase of the Citrix Virtualization Learning Path. This phase requires you to take the CVE-401 Engineering a Citrix Virtualization Solution course. You can also use ExamTrace to learn the skills you'll need in order to pass the certification exam. Some of the skills you'll need to successfully earn the CCEE for Virtualization certification include building a virtual infrastructure for desktop and application delivery, building farm to deliver servers and desktops, integrating XenApp and XenDesktop, and integrating XenServer with third party storage solutions. This path is best for you if you are interesting in working as a systems … [Read More...]

Finishing Last: The Red Lantern

The original title of this blog by marketing wunderkind Seth Godin made me remember the book and subsequent 1991 film by Zhang Yimou. This message is clearly directed at parents and teachers who often ignore follow the carrot and stick method to discipline and have no clue about perseverance. My own persistence even when I may be perceived as finishing last comes from my uncle Andrew Arries, who turned 87 years recently in Uitenhage. Even at this age he has never stopped giving more than he receives, helping to raise my sisters children, helping to look after my mother's house, and also taking care of his own needs from cooking, to cleaning to shopping. Two weeks ago his 2nd brother died. He has one brother and sister remaining, and … [Read More...]

Is South Africa’s public service too large or ineffective?

FRIGHTENING! Government statistics - MIND Boggling: Government statistics Silly questions receive unbelievable answers. We have 34 ministers, 33 deputy ministers, 159 directors general, 642 deputy director generals, 2 501 chief directors and 7 782 directors. This information was supplied in Parliament to Mr Mulder by Minister Lindiwe Sisulu. Mr Mulder replied that 40 years ago there were 18 ministers, 6 deputy ministers and 18 directors general. In the first quarter of 2013 more than 44 000 public servants have been appointed, bring the number of public servants to 3.07 million, or 22.6% of the total labour force of South Africa. The Auditor General had noted during a recent audit that our large public service spent … [Read More...]

Uitenhage News you may have missed:

SA VW Polo hits one million km

After a million kilometres of motoring in an SA-built 2004 Volkswagen Polo, veteran salesman Gerrie Esterhuizen has had the question he has been asking for months answered. "We always wondered … [Read More...]

Taxi Striks before 2010

MAYHEM erupted as hundreds of striking taxi drivers ran amok early yesterday, hurling stones at offices and passing cars, attacking municipal workers, setting a vehicle alight, blocking rush- hour … [Read More...]

Three men were stabbed to death

Three men were stabbed to death in three different incidents in Uitenhage, Eastern Cape police said on Sunday. One of the three men was killed on Saturday evening following a squabble with his … [Read More...]

Cults in our Midst Talk/Seminar

This is a message from my friend Robin Jackson, Uitenhage born and bred. He is now a leading expert on cults and their influence on teenagers. So don't miss this seminar... The next leg of my … [Read More...]

Xhosa chief to be honoured

The Albany Museum will honour chief Makhanda Makana kaNxele through a public lecture scheduled to take place in Tshabo village in Berlin near East London tomorrow. Makhanda kaNxele was born in … [Read More...]