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Welcome to the first ever Uitenhage focussed blog. This is a project driven by a couple of guys from the garden town and is not associated with any municipal or government department. You can make contact with us here…

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  1. You know you’re from UTH ( the northern suburbs aka the disadvantaged areas aka the townships)
    You know where ” the 4 way ” in UTH is
    You’ve had Chinese from Chong in Durban Street
    You’ve counted the number of downed street lights along Kamesh on your
    way to work on a Monday morning
    Have had ” masala ” chips also at Chong (lol)
    You attended a wedding and the bridal couple went to take photo’s in
    Mcgennis Park
    Have stood in a q on at Chong to buy a bunny chow
    Stopped at a place called … Salie, Winna, Aunty B’s, Die Boer, Da Coeza
    Have gone to matinee at the Jubilee (Exstacy)
    Gone to midnight also at Exstacy
    You know a dude by the name of ” Dr Beat ” but you don’t actually know him
    Go blok outside the club and play sound from your car coz you too stingy to
    pay at the door!
    Have gone to Markman on a Sunday afternoon.
    Drive in Kamesh road on your way to work….
    See taxis with stuff like…” Kyk ha cow”, “Kyk hoe bamp hulle tamaties”,
    “Wats dit nou dit was dan netou niks” written on it.
    Have walked in the Willow Dam
    Have camped at Springs !
    Your father took you to see the ”liggies” in December in ” Caledon
    Have gone to Allanridge community centre , Moth, Good Year or Town
    Hall for a wedding reception.
    You have traveled in a taxi with the gaarchie screaming…. Rosedale,
    Gamble, Mountainview ….. ooh ons gaanie Mountainview toe nie
    Have made fun of people who live in PE ….
    Use words like…boue…cow…nxa, line, blok, chow, sky, eintjie etc..
    Have gone to Town just to go walk around!
    Eat cabbage on a Thursday night (or mielies and beans – weather
    permitting) and some oily goods on a Friday night
    Know someone who worked at Veldspun before they closed down
    When you clutch and while speaking English (my lacturer at tech…) instead
    of my lecturer at tech.. … né thats definitely PE ppl (lmao) When you
    double clutch but don’t realize it you definitely coloured.(he did told me
    of his lacturer at tech…( instead of he told me about his
    lecturer at tech…) …… those windgat PE ppl
    Kissing a girl is referred to as ” jol “. Or druk
    When the words Club Eden, Fat Boyz and Club Exstacy makes you smile.
    When you know the names .. China, Dr Beat, Mao
    If you have gone to the vlak to go watch the ouens “pop” their cars.
    If you have gone to Uitenhage High, you were hated by those from Mc
    Carthy, John Walton & Gamble Street
    If you see the ouens congregate at Crocker to catch the ” School peak”
    know someone who work on the line at VW
    have a bra who asked you to “organize him a span”
    you not a UTH coloured until you’ve spent a full day @ Springs
    …you not a UTH coloured until you’ve eaten your mothers Sunday lunch
    on a Monday (lol)
    You have had friends with the nicknames… Tickie, Boy or Kosie You were
    in a school and the English people kept them “Nxa” but were
    afraid of the Afrikaans ouens.’ …. still only in PE
    You were born in Provincial Hospital…
    If your Barbers name is MoonStar
    Rode in Above the Law, Echo Chamber or Tough get Going after school
    When your parents,granparents etc come from Jazztown
    When your athletics day was held at the Jubilee Park
    When giving directions you say “You know where the 4 way is ne” You
    went to Club Tonight at the age of 16
    Where all the guys who played rugby played for Gardens or Progress
    & support the All Blacks
    You braaied at Welcome to Uitenhage and the smell of Rocklands vrot
    chicked chased you away
    You used the phrases..” Kamma Kamma and Cow ”
    You had to walk to Savalot cos Solomon’s was closed
    You have a family member who works in VW or GoodYear or Hella .
    You give directions and somewhere along the line you mention…. Kamesh .
    You have two different accents…one for when you answer the phone or go
    shopping and one for when you with your fellow kullids.
    You went on Saturday afternoon drives to Willow Dam to chill and drink
    On a Sunday you went to the Recreation hall to watch volleyball to see Venus play
    against Terminators.
    You have bought a chip chow at Engen on your way home from disco
    You drive to Summerstrand 24hr steers cause it’s the only place in PE
    that’s open You eat prickly pears, watermelon and spanspek every year
    December only
    You have done your hair by a hairdresser called.. .. Zahkirah
    The jolled at the vlak, welcome or lookout.
    You stay in West Hill and everyone know’s it as the GAAT On a friday
    afternoon you go chill with 5 black labels in Lapland.
    Uitenhage High’s talent show was a get together once a year.

    some more :

    You went to the bioscope at the Lyric for a double feature: karate plus karate
    You went home in the tramways bus and shouted “buig hom driver” when the bus went around the corner
    Summers were spent at the Rosedale bads
    You bought toffee apples at Radies in Durban street
    You waited in a queue on a Sunday afternoon for rolls from Fansi Bakery, next to Vicky’s Pharmacy
    You zooted your school pants so thin that you struggled to get it on and of course you wore white socks with it
    You ran the doozi with Mr Grimsel “jorra” for PT at uitenhage high, past Veldspun
    You sat on the stoep at Bikha’s , Savalot , Radies
    You hiked at the hiking spot , in front of Mr Sharnick ‘s house , opp. Savalot and people actually stopped to give you a ‘lif’

  2. Aah….. memories, sweet memories.
    I think I managed 95% of what was mentioned above 🙂
    Those were the days.. Miss it!

    Lotsa luv to all my “homies in the Hague”…

    .. from Germany.

    Levona Diedrich (neé Fredericks)

  3. not to mention the soccer on sundays afternoons(westhill vs wolves or atlantic spurs vs spades)
    and all the good times with billy at alices pub in the jubaal
    what about the guvnor

  4. So true keep it coming. You just forgot the latte Pa Doll gave us when we caught on kak, how Mr Redcliff( Pa Red ) came around the corner grabbed you around the neck with his big hands and ran half way up the hall before releasing you saying “watchit jo bek is lank heel”. How Mr Machui use to bring Ship Sherry or Old Brown in his flask.

    Lotsa love

    Crescendo Smith ( Cendo / Cento )

    Big up to the matriculants of 2000

  5. I attended Gamble at Uitenhage. Was a hostelite. About 70% of the things mentioned is familiar to me. Gave me a very nice reminder of back in the day. Caught on truckloads of sh@t in UTH and was very sad when I left in ’91. I loved that place.

  6. Those were the days.Thank you for the memories.Special greetings to all the pupils at JWSSS 1986 to 1990.Ps What about the doozi JWSSS boys use to do up Aciaa Dr while Mr Scharnic(lang gat) would sit on the red letter box shouting…ek gaan jou breuk mannetjie

  7. I miss the days at Gamble Street High, da COBRA girls year 1986-1988.kikke,lisha,bev,eugene,colet u guys!were all afrikaans then now we only speak,LOL

  8. That so true!just mis those day!i wana go back to those times thats werd the life

  9. back in 1972,classes in matric.were even betta. wish back the late “perd” miss Gardener,Cyster(Geogs)Mr Nordien,Sirkhotte,F.Wicomb,I.Maclean, Joe Slingers,Mr.Goergie,etc 2 many 2 mention!they were absolutely grreat!not 2 mention all the guys & cherries in matric!!!!

  10. I’m living in CT but am originally from UTH. I’m planning a wedding and need help with venues (game farm) in UTH. Help please with ideas?

  11. Excellent, this could be a poem! Had a few great laughs while reading the blog. Little sad though, to think 20 years later people in Uth still do the same things. Dont forget the derby : “BYE STEEK DIE BULLE”. I matriculated with the class of 1990, and a number of class mates have moved to other parts in South Africa, they’ll love this. Our community have strong roots, let’s make sure our youth inherit some positive values. Thanks a million!!!

  12. Well, well I attended UPS (1981 – 1987), JWSSS (1988 – 1992)and Dower College (1993 – 1995 & 1997) and taught at GSSSS, JWSSS & UTH for a brief stint (1999 – 2001). Good to hear from other hometown boys & girls offcourse! Poem really makes you miss UTH. Now living in Pretoria. Great stuff guys!!!

  13. First time on the blog. Student at Dower College late sixties. Would like to know: What has become of the old historic building that housed the college before it moved to P.E.? Very fond memories


  15. hey guys,
    just took my kids on a tour of UTH and used this poem as a guide.Ramon what about a website where all the old Uitenhagers can chat and catch up on the good old days.

  16. lol that is definetly true but we think ul have 2 add Parklane and ofcoz the guvnor..dis blogg is way beta than blog dude!! luv it

  17. Student at Dower ’69-’70. I was a third generation student – my mom in the 40’s and my grandfather at the old college in Hankey. Is the old building still standing? What wonderful memories!As a hostelite used to wander down to Mr Wong Kee’s cafe for chips and orange juce in a carton. Or attend college dance at the Jubilee dancing to the cool sounds of the Leathermen or Tramways. How about declaring the building a national monument and restoring it to its former glory? Come on ex-Dowerians how about it?

    1. Hi Jayway I think the old Dower College was where the Gamble Street high school is now based. The Dower Practising school is across the road from Uitenhage High. so which building are you talking about. Maybe send me the Google maps location.

    2. Oh my gosh and what about Sybil Machu,Ralton Redelinghuys,Lorna Redelinguys,Edith Redelinghuys,Marleen Isaacs,Lorna Heyns,Jean Haupt,Mr Eric Fisher, Mr Naidoo our science teacher,Mr Ross who used to hit the flippin daylights out of us when we forgot to do our homework :):)….and the list goes on and on.Remember the concerts that we used to have in the old Dower College hostel diningroom!!Awesome memories!! We should have a reunion..Come on you guys !! How about it??

  18. That is what we call the good old days. Matriculated from UTH High in 1990. I am still living in Uitenhage. Brings back good old memories that I thought was long gone. Life was simple then. You could have a party with no money at all.
    What a trip down memory lane. Just showed my girls where I attended school.


  19. Aish , those were good old days indeed and 90% of those things I’ve done , Im from Grahamstown and dated a guy from Uitenhage (Mr A.G)my “doring”for 7years and boy I still miss those nights at willow park. Not to think about the frozen yogurt sunday afternoons , the Friday nights kissing in the car infront of the Jubilee, lol I’ll give anything just to have one of those days again…. I might return one day again!!

    lots a love you all

  20. The good old days…Awesome memories! I live in Auckland New Zealand now..and yes from time to time I do visit my home town when I am in SA! Dower College and all my favourite teachers,especially Miss Dollie,Mr Govender,Mr Eric Fisher and my late aunt Gallie Brewer who was the matron at the time, brings back fond memories and heaps of smiles.
    Love always.
    Lorna Mathilda Forgus-nee Redelinghuys

  21. I would like to make contact with my contemporaries. Why is it that nothing from those years are mentioned? I have the fondest memories of Uitenhage. I met Japie Klaasen after about 33 years when he and his family passed through Upington in 2010.

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