Human beings eat a lot of food. A typical human eats over a thousand pounds of food every year.

Why do we eat so much? There are two big reasons: building blocks and fuel.

Your body uses the building blocks in two different ways. When you are growing, you are adding new building blocks to your body. Your body is also repairing itself – taking out old blocks and replacing them with new ones.

The building blocks of your body are protein, and that’s why you are supposed to eat plenty of it. If you don’t eat enough protein, it is hard to grow.

The other thing your body needs is fuel. Just like a car needs gasoline, your body needs fuel so that your muscles can move and your brain can think.

Have you ever roasted marshmallows and had one catch on fire? Marshmallows burn because they contain a lot of energy, in the form of sugar. We measure the fuel coming into your body in terms of calories.

The funny thing is that in today’s society, Calories are everywhere. Pick up any snack food and you are looking at lots of calories.

For example, a single peanut M&M contains 12 calories. A big snack-size bag of M&Ms has 500 calories in it. Most kids need less than 1,500 calories per day – one bag of M&Ms is one- third of all the calories you need.

This cornucopia of calories is why obesity has become a problem in America. Unless a person is careful, it is really easy to take in too much fuel. Our bodies store all the excess fuel as fat.

It’s something to think about the next time you grab a snack!


Techno talk on menu as PE hosts bloggers‘ dinner

IT MAY have been a relatively small first “27 dinner” for Port Elizabeth last weekend, but it is set to grow as word spreads about this enlightening “techno talk” aimed at bloggers.

The dinners take place on the 27th of each month, for marketers, entrepreneurs, writers, media practitioners, speakers and anyone computer-minded to share ideas, news and opinions over a meal.

Alternating monthly between Johannesburg, Cape Town, Pretoria, Durban and – since last weekend – Port Elizabeth, the events are open to anyone who wants to attend or contribute technological expertise.

An intimate group of 20 “27 diners” arrived at the Algoa Bay Yacht Club at the Port Elizabeth harbour for their first dose of “techno chat”.

The first speaker was Greig Timkoe, a Bay conflict management specialist, whose talk centred around the dangers of e-mail.

Warning that e-mail could be a source of conflict in the workplace, Timkoe stressed that face-to-face communication was still invaluable, despite the improved, faster processes of the digital age.

Mark Bloomfield, an Adobe communications expert from the Bay, introduced the new Adobe Air, although this could have proved a little high-tech for technophobes.

Main speaker Ramon Thomas‘s talk on how to “blog your way to being an expert” had the audience captivated. A professional speaker, researcher, trainer, blogger and on-line behaviour specialist, Thomas, from Uitenhage, gave advice on how to position yourself as an expert in your chosen field.

Using his catch phrase, the “psychology of technology”, Thomas explained how positioning yourself via the internet could increase traffic to your blog and therefore improve your chances of picking up business – or credibility for being an expert in your field.

Using his own experience as an example, Thomas explained how he had been earmarked as an “online expert” by media who saw his blog on the internet. As a result, he has been quoted in popular magazines, been a guest speaker on SABC TV show Three Talk and interviewed by a host of other media.

He advised potential experts to choose a niche topic to blog about, interview experts in the related field, participate in online discussions and to write articles when blogging. “It‘s important to blog your own original content and not just link to others‘ pages,” he said.

Business cards were exchanged after the formal presentations and chatting of the interpersonal kind quickly got under way.

Newly blogging Uitenhage resident Yusuf Moses said the talks had helped him with his blogging aspirations. “I like that you can blog about whatever you want to but I didn‘t know where to start.”

Port Elizabeth‘s Greg Smith said the dinner allowed for the gap of faceless communication to be closed. “If you chat with people online, it‘s very different from sitting down and exchanging ideas over drinks. This was a great idea.”

The next “27 dinner” is expected to be held in Port Elizabeth in two months‘ time and the organisers hope even the computer ignorant can be converted one “byte” at a time.

For more information about 27 dinners log onto http://27dinner.pbwiki.com.

source weekend Post

Full programme for Regional soccer sides

THE Safa Nelson Mandela Bay Regional SAB soccer league resumes this weekend with a double-header for all the teams except Highland Spurs and Young Romans.

Spurs, who went into the recess at the top of the log, play Uitenhage Stars in a derby at the Jabavu Stadium tomorrow.

The full programme is:

Tomorrow: Real Aces v White City (NU 9 Stadium), Royal Bucks v PE United (NU11 Stadium), St George‘s v Morning Stars (Olympics), Uitenhage Stars v Highland Spurs (Jabavu Stadium), United Comrades v Real City (Isaac Wolfson Stadium), Aspen v Young Pirates (Chevrolet Stadium), Real Madrid v Young Professionals (Walmer Community Field), Tomorrow Stars v Young Chiefs (NU9 Stadium).

Sunday: Morning Stars v Uitenhage Stars (Zwide Stadium), PE United v St George‘s (Chevrolet Stadium), Real Aces v Royal Bucks (NU9 Stadium), Young Professionals v Tomorrow Stars (Isaac Wolfson Stadium), Young Pirates v Real Madrid (NU2 Stadium), Real City v Aspen (NU9 Stadium), Young Romans v United Comrades (Zwide Stadium), White City v Young Chiefs (New Brighton Oval).


RED City should pull away from the chasing pack in the New Brighton Premier League this weekend.

With a two-point lead and a match in hand, they play City Lads, who are struggling in ninth place, tomorrow.

Roaring Tigers, held to a surprise draw by lowly PE Sundowns, play Black Stars tomorrow and CCX Callies on Sunday.

The fixtures are:

Premier League Tomorrow: Eastern Jumpers v Boast Pirates, AmaKhosi v PE Sundowns, Bush Bucks v Real White City, Dodgers v PE Rovers, CCX Callies v Winter Rose, Roaring Tigers v Black Stars, City Lads v Red City, Pondo Stars v Kubs.

Sunday: Roaring Tigers v CCX Callies, Bush Bucks v PE Rovers, Dodgers v Real White City, Pondo Stars v PE Sundowns, AmaKhosi v Kubs, Winter Rose v Black Stars.

First Division Tomorrow: Amakhosi v City Strikers, Hubs v Kubs.

Sunday: PE United v Stinging Bees, Friendly City v Atlantic Chiefs, City Young Stars v City Defenders.


THE soccer fraternity in the metro has been saddened by the sudden death on Tuesday of one of the leading Northern Areas administrators, Gerald Korkie, 57.

Korkie captained Swallows in his playing days and then turned to administration. He was the chairman of the club when he died.

NMB soccer secretary Phakamile Daca said: “Gerald will never be forgotten for his tireless efforts, commitment and dedication to build the careers and future of players in the Northern Areas.”

He is survived by his wife Charmaine, three children and two grandchildren. The funeral will take place at the Audrey Renecke church in West End at 11am tomorrow.

source The Herald