Online war by fans in bid to have last Citi

DIE-HARD Citi Golf fans are at war over who will win the bid for the last available VW Citi – rated as a highly collectible piece of history.

The website bidding on the iconic car started on November 3 at just R1, but by yesterday had reached R160100.

The bidorbuy website offering has received about 7000 visits, and managing director Andy Higgs said the bidding had gone much higher than expected.

The Citi’s market price is R113500.

“There are passionate fans out there – and whoever wins it will own a highly collectible piece of history,” Higgs said of the “puzzling” mathematics.

He said the bidding war was between 24 individuals, who are anonymous and can only be identified by the public by their user names. “They can use an automatic bid (to up their offer) depending on their limit.”

What made this particular car so special, said Higgs, was that it was the third-last to roll off the production line. The last two Citis produced, numbered 001 and 002, would be preserved for posterity in the Autostadt museum in Wolfsburg, Germany, and at the AutoPavilion museum in Uitenhage.

This car is one of the 1000 numbered limited-edition models. “The closing date is November 23 at 9pm. We don’t think (the bidding) will get much higher – but we might be surprised,” Higgs said.

source: The Weekend Post

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