Even though the festive season is over, the National Council of SPCAs wishes to keep momentum going and asks everyone for support. Please see how YOU can assist to improve the lives of animals: – those you live with, those in your neighbourhood and those that the SPCA movement strives to help on an ongoing basis. With your help the National Council of SPCAs (NSPCA) and the SPCAs country-wide can conduct more investigations, can expand campaigns, increase education and can lessen the suffering of so many animals. The SPCA movement enforces animal welfare legislation and can lay criminal charges against offenders.

The mission of the SPCA is to prevent cruelty to and the abuse of animals, educate the public about animal welfare, and promote awareness of problems of animal cruelty.

Tel: 041 9923016, Address: Schonland Avenue, Cape Road Industrial, Uitenhage.

Keep a lookout for the Uitenhage SPCA’s soon to be launched website

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