Who is Moulana Nadeem Khan?

Islamic FocusIn 1988 I started high school and met the best Mathematics teacher in my entire 12-year school career. He loved Algebra and I finally understand why. I’m grateful he only left teacher afterwards. This is the story of how he became a leader in the local community and not just inside the school. My teacher, Nadeem Khan, followed his dream and calling to become an Imam. Read his story below and learn to trust your intuition and follow your heart.

Moulana did his schooling in Uitenhage, completing matric in 1979. Among his early Islamic teachers was Imam Yaseen. The turning point in Moulana’s life was in 1977 when the Tabligh work started. Moulana started going for 10 days, etc and desired to study the Aalim course. Moulana embarked on this dream in 1980 after going on 40 days Jamaat. He enrolled in Newcastle Darul Uloom which offered a 3-year course at that time. He completed the course in 1982.

Thereafter, he did a 3-year Teacher Training Program at Dower College. He completed this in 1985 and started teaching Maths at Uitenhage High School.

In 1991 Moulana was appointed Imam at Masjid Noor, Bloemendaal a post he held for a year. Newcastle Darul Uloom had by now developed a 6-year Aalim course and Moulana went back in 1994 to complete the remaining three years. Among his teachers were Moulana Sema and Mufti AK.

After completion in 1996, Moulana went for one year Jamaat to India, Pakistan and Bangladesh. In 1998 he was appointed Imam in Masjidul Mu’mineen (Durban Street), Uitenhage, a post he holds to today. Moulana is the Ameer of Nasruddeen Muslim School in Uitenhage and was a founding member in 2000.

He went for Umrah in 1990. Moulana is a member of the Council of Ulama Eastern Cape and is actively involved in community work. He carries out Halaal inspection, marriage counselling, welfare, youth programs, a Marriage/Fiqh/Tafseer Class on Sundays and Hadith Classes on Thursdays. Moulana is married with four children.

source: Islamic Focus

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