Jubilee Park primary fire burns down classrooms

Jubilee Park Primary School UitenhageFirefighters battled for about three hours to contain a massive fire last night which gutted a large part of Uitenhage’s Jubilee Park Primary School. Three classrooms and a library were completely destroyed in the blaze, which started at about 8pm.

Some comments from Facebook of former students:

Akay Avakian: I’m not even sad , that school has been like that since I was at primary school. 30 years later.. I’m just grateful no one got injured cause that was an accident waiting to happen.

Bruce Koopman: I used to school here. Very sad indeed. This was supposed to be a temporary structure about 60 years ago. For us that know of all the pleas and battles in trying to get a new school built we surely hope this will mean something good will come out of tradegy.

Marshall Haarhoff: Sheww so sad! That was my primary school! I expected that school to burn that time I was there! Its been years people struggle to get funds to rebuild that school that is build out of old car oil wood! I skeem that was my grandmas school also! Bt I dnt knw what to feel “sad“ or “happy“ cse that children gone have a new school they’ve been waitn 4 a long time with that broken windows and floors!