Call For Economic Freedom Charter

A message from Cedric de la Harpe on his Economic Freedom Charter. As an entrepreneur since 2004 and more so in the last five years, I cannot agree more with what is need in Uitenhage and the rest of Eastern Cape. Watch the video introduction and read the rest of his statement below.

As the violent protests in the South African Mining Industry rumbles, the world will look at us with uncertainty.

Cedric de la Harpe economic freedom charterSix months back I would have adopted the attitude. “I told you so”, referring to the books that I have informally published on my website, where i warm of the underlying animosity that is relevant in our country, all animosity can be attributed to the poverty, if we would like to believe it, but most of the animosity is directly related to our historical past, and compounded by our lack of moving towards reconciliation.

I personally do not believe that the Mine nationalization is the direction that we should take in our quest for Economic Freedom, it will only transfer the ownership of the Mines and the perceived wealth, into the hands of the Government, and their cabal who have access to the use of these funds. This cabal has a poor track record of translating any of the country’s wealth towards the Economic Freedom of all.

The intention of the Economic Freedom Charter, is to recruit one million contributors towards accepting a Charter that will give us Economic Freedom.

This Charter’s focus will includes:

  1. Free trade
  2. Restrictions to Entrepreneurship
  3. Extended Industry Regulations.
  4. Labour legislation parameters.
  5. Property Title.
  6. BEE
  7. Un-employed interests.
  8. Education
  9. Skills development
  10. Outlaw of Corruption
  11. Foreign Investment
  12. Safety & Security
  13. Health
  14. Democracy Extended to the People.

Where will we find the initial one million?

  • Informal Traders
  • Informal Manufacturers and Service Providers
  • Shebeen owners.
  • Spaza shop owners
  • Taxi owners / drivers
  • Farmers, black and white
  • Unemployed, black 7 white
  • Students, black & white.
  • Parents and grand-parents.

Who will oppose this Economic Freedom Charter, by the people, for the people?

Initially there will be resistance, we will not receive any support from any political structure, the media will remain neutral for their economic interests, and initially, the large conglomerates will oppose, but as we achieve our collective voice, we will take proposals to the conglomerates to seek their support to free our economy.

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