Is the Citrix Virtualization Learning Path Right for Your Certification Needs?

If you are interested in earning the CCEE for Virtualization certification, you may wish to pursue the Design Phase of the Citrix Virtualization Learning Path. This phase requires you to take the CVE-401 Engineering a Citrix Virtualization Solution course. You can also use ExamTrace to learn the skills you’ll need in order to pass the certification exam. Some of the skills you’ll need to successfully earn the CCEE for Virtualization certification include building a virtual infrastructure for desktop and application delivery, building farm to deliver servers and desktops, integrating XenApp and XenDesktop, and integrating XenServer with third party storage solutions. This path is best for you if you are interesting in working as a systems engineer.

If your goal includes being a systems administrator, you may wish to pursue the system deploy phase. For this phase, you’ll need to be responsible for knowing how to create, manage and deliver virtual desktops. You’ll also be responsible for managing applications in the datacenter. Installing and configuring storage and provisioning concepts are additional essential skills.

The maintain phase is targeted towards those individuals hoping to work as a system analyst. The primary tasks you’ll be responsible for include monitoring, maintaining, and optimizing virtualized environments.

For both the deploy and maintain phases of the learning path, you are required to take four training courses. After successfully completing the phases, you are eligible to receive any of the following certifications: CCA for XenDesktop 5, CCA for XenApp 6, CCA for XenServer 6, and CCAA for XenApp 6.

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