Residents tired of power cuts in KwaNobuhle

November 8, 2017 Fed-up community, Uitenhage

I’m writing from KwaNobuhle. We have an electricity crisis in Uitenhage – it’s been two weeks. When we called Kwanolec they told us they were striking.

Eskom Eastern Cape South Africa

The second time we called they told us it was Athol Trollip who had stopped giving overtime [payments]. The third time they said they’d answer us in December.

They didn’t have trucks and we should go to Trollip’s office because they were not fighting with us, they were fighting against Trollip.

It’s very tiring because some of our children are pupils and they can’t study at night because it’s dark. We ended up throwing our meats away because they were damaged.

We are a fed-up community and we feel abandoned by our own municipality. It is not taking us seriously and it’s very disrespectful when they don’t even notify us about the switch-off of the electricity.

Please, we need help urgently – we are broken.

souce: Herald Live newspaper

One thought on “Residents tired of power cuts in KwaNobuhle

  1. Am so sick of this electricity matter at 10th avenue street kwanobuhle that needs to be reported every week what about our appliances who will pay for the damages this is sickening the staff at kwanolec is useless can’t you fix this matter once and for all so that we know if load shedding its for the whole kwano and not curtain houses am sick and tired of this and the whole neighbourhood is get your asses and do something.

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