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Human beings eat a lot of food. A typical human eats over a thousand pounds of food every year. Why do we eat so much? There are two big reasons: building blocks and fuel. Your body uses the building blocks in two different ways. When you are growing, you are adding new building blocks to […]

Taxi Striks before 2010

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MAYHEM erupted as hundreds of striking taxi drivers ran amok early yesterday, hurling stones at offices and passing cars, attacking municipal workers, setting a vehicle alight, blocking rush- hour traffic and crippling businesses in Nelson Mandela Bay. Amid widespread condemnation over the wave of violence, urgent talks between city officials and taxi representatives collapsed late […]

Cricketer Monde Zondeki

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THE first day of school is a day some of us never forget. Remember when you were dropped off on your first day at school and you cried so hard and would not let go of mommy’s hand? trufm presenter DJ Pastor (Phiwe Nozewu) remembers his experience, over 20 years ago, like it was yesterday. […]

My Dedication

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I dedicate this piece of work to all who love and appreciate poetry for those who dare to differ and are proud of, where they come from and what they became for those who are not afraid of change…….. From: A dreamer To: A little angel Title: Even if. (I had a chance to change […]

Women’s Day Inspiration conference generates R800 for Friends of the Uitenhage Town Library

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In August 2008 I hosted the first annual Women’s Day Inspiration Conference in Uitenhage. This fundraiser collected R800 for the “Friends of the Uitenhage Town Library”, which was handed over to Mrs , the Senior Librarian, who also supported this project from the very beginning. How did we decide to give the funds raised to […]