Francois Greyling linked to Racists Facebook Group in Despatch

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Old South Africa Flag on Despatch Facebook Group InwonersOn Sunday, 24 June, I was alerted to yet another racist incident involving the old flag. This time it was in my own neighbourhood: Despatch. During the Apartheid times it was extremely racist and like Uitenhage was ruled by the Conservative Party. Even the controversional Afriforum organisation has distanced itself from protestors using the old South African flag. The Facebook group Inwoners of Despatch is notorious for racist rants, usually in Afrikaans against the new South Africa, crime and people who are proud of the flag of their fathers.


Rodwill Bacon brought this to my attention by a post on his Facebook Timeline. They banned him when he questioned their comparison of the old South African flag with the new one. So I joined the group to gather evidence. The group admins are Karel Bredenhann and Lindie Bredenhann, owners of Pikkies Skips, a waste removal company. Despatch a small town in the Eastern Cape, between Port Elizabeth and Uitenhage, all three forming the Nelson Mandela Bay Metropolitan City.


DA councillor Francois GreylingWhat shocked me was not that most comments agreed with Petrus Robberts, the original person who was proud of the old South African flag. The most shocking was the fact that Nelson Mandela Bay’s ward 52 DA councillor Francois Greyling, is also an admin of this racist group on Facebook.

So help me share this and let’s make Petrus Robberts and the Bredenhann’s Internet famous. Feel free to copy, paste, share across all your social media. p.s. I’ve reported this post to #Facebook, the group admins, and planned to lay a charge with the SA Human Rights Commission and the Nelson Mandela Foundation, who have already spoken out about similar incidents in the past.


Facebook Group Admins: Inwoners of Despatch

These are the current admins of this Facebook group, who have banned Rodwill Bacon after he tried to engage with them about why the old South African flag is a form of hate speech, and reminds every non-white South African about the decades of suffering from Apartheid.

Inwoners of Despatch Facebook Group Admins

After being banned this Facebook Group:

Rodwill Bacon posted this message, and I’m re-posting it here, so you see the civility of his concern:

So this actually happened to me today. Someone posted a picture of the old apartheid flag on inwoners van despatch on facebook saying that the new flag represents murder, corruption and racism. That the old flag is their flag.

Me, being me…wanted to comment immediately and give them a piece of my mind…but I was a bit late for church and decide to comment later if no one said something. I went to church…the message was to keep calm when facing the problem as it prevents unwanted problems etc.

I came back home, this post still bothered me. I decided to comment but in a respectful manner. Told them what the previous flag represented etc. Obviously, it fell on deaf ears. Some responded positively.

However…I have to admit, racism is alive and well. I was so disappointed by the comments prior to mine. People supporting the old flag and what it represented. Some took it even further and spoke about ” die stem”. My comment had positive responses from white people on the group as well…but the older folk….well, disappointing, to say the least.

In the end, I have been blocked from the Inwoners van Despatch Facebook group for my comments, which were made in a calm and respectful manner. What I want to say is…please do not shy away from racist posts, stand up for something, say something. We cannot be intimidated by racism and keep quiet. It has to be addressed.


Who is DA Ward Councillor, Francois Greyling?

Yvette Greyling pleaded guilty to stealing about R880000 working at Just Letting Uitenhage between 2013 and 2014The ward councillor for Despatch is Francois van Niekerk Greyling and he was co-owner of Just Letting franchise in Uitenhage. He is also the husband of the convicted thief, Yvette Greyling, who stole R880,000 as a real estate agent from 2012-2014. The franchise was co-owned by husband and his wife. Why is a ward councillor also selling houses in his own area?

Mr Greyling is one of the Admins of this Facebook Group Inwoners van Despatch. On Sunday, 24 June at 19:12, I sent him an SMS and called him with no reply. Later I sent him a Facebook message sharing my concern about his association, and hoping that he would address this directly with the Petrus Robberts, Karel Bredenhann and Lindie Bredenhann. It’s now been 5 days and he still hasn’t bothered calling me back. Why are you still voting for this man with questionable integrity? Why is an elected public official not saying anything about this?


What is wrong with using the Old South African Flag?

They have since banned me from this group as well, instead of engaging in dialogue. Facebook also removed my initial post, hence I’m writing this even more detailed blog to expose them all. This not the first time the Democratic Alliance has been involved with issues around the old South African flag and the painfull memories that arises from it’s display, let alone celebration of what it represented.

Kieno Kammies discussed it on his radio show on Cape Talk / Talkradio 702 in 2017.

Cosatu trade union logo

Cosatu in Kwanobuhle for Worker’s Day rally

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The Congress of South African Trade Unions (Cosatu) is celebrating its main Workers’ Day rally in Nelson Mandela Bay, and is expecting a far different atmosphere than the one a year ago which saw former President Jacob Zuma heckled and the event in the Free State eventually called off.

The 2018 May Day rally wil take place at the Isaac Wolfson Stadium in Kwanobuhle and is set to be addressed by President Cyril Ramaphosa. The event has been talked up as a “building block” for the 2019 general elections.

Last year’s May Day celebrations in Bloemfontein was cancelled amid scuffles between pro and anti-Jacob Zuma groups but Cosatu believes that this year’s event will go smoothly and that Ramaphosa will be well received in the Eastern Cape.

At a press conference last month, Cosatu general secretary Bheki Ntshalintshali said the last May Day rally was held in the Eastern Cape 10 years ago, adding that it was a deliberate choice as a first building block towards the 2019 general elections.

“The choice of Nelson Mandela Bay was deliberate to liberate our people from the exploitative and suppression of the workers and communities from the chains of Mayor Athol Trollip and the DA (Democratic Alliance),” he said.

The celebrations was set to kick off at Njoli Square in Kwazakhele, before moving to the Kwazakhele police station and then finally to the stadium where workers will be addressed.

“We encourage ANC members to come to the rally,” she added. “Many of our members are part of the working class and this is a celebration of the gains of the working class.”

The South African Federation of Trade Unions (SAFTU) has announced that it will be holding May Day rallies across the country starting at 10am.

The union federation said its main rally will be held in Bloemfontein at the Vista Arena, University of the Free State. SAFTU President Mac Chavalala will address the rally.

In Durban, SAFTU members will assemble at Botha’s Place and march to the City Hall, where SAFTU 1st Deputy President Nomvume Ralarala will address them.

SAFTU National Treasurer Motswari Letshogo will address union members at the Ngoako Sports centre in Seshego.

Source: African News Agency/ANA and IOL

2016 Twitter Blanket Drive Ends With Passion

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On 26 May 2016 the first ever annual Twitter Blanket Drive #TBD2016 to be held in Nelson Mandela Bay will come to an end. Since 2010 people with passion have joined the #TBD2016 call to donate old or new blankets across South Africa for this campaign.

Twitter Blanket Drive started in 2010 in South Africa when Melanie Minnaar challenged the Twitter Community to each donate one blanket during winter. The Twitter community responded with compassion and engaged on the social media platform to collect blankets for some of the country’s most vulnerable people. Over the past six years, thousands of blankets have been collected in the weeks leading up to winter to provide some relief and, of course, warmth to those in need.

During Nelson Mandela Bay’s first participation partners such as the Protea Hotel Marine, Summerstrand; Wild Rapids Spur in Uitenhage and Panarottis in Despatch all hosted the drop-off zones for the 2016 Twitter Blanket Drive campaign.

The fact that we could participate in this year really warmed my heart, and this really motivated me to collect blankets to keep Port Elizabeth warm,” says Eileen Koeberg, one of the #TBD2016 volunteers. “It opened hearts that my colleagues and friends gave their blankets and those who donated blankets, did so with much love.

The Salvation Army has been chosen as the NGO to receive the blankets this year as they are known for their work among the poorest and most destitute people in local communities. Twittering people with passion donated over 100 blankets.

The Twitter Blanket Drive helps people to get involved by helping organisations like ourselves make a difference in the lives of those less fortunate than us. It is important for us to count on each other to make this possible,” says Major Valerie Potgieter, head of the Salvation Army in Uitenhage. “We will make sure that those on the streets become our priority with this drive and so meet the most needy during this winter time.

Twitter Blanket Drive Event Invitation:

All are invited to join the hand-over parties on Thursday, 26 May at the following venues and times:

Nelson Mandela Bay residents can make their final blanket donations at the above venues, join the hosts and people with passion from Twitter.

Twitter Blanket Drive Media Contacts

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2016 Twitter Blanket Drive

Join The Salvation Army’s Women’s Support Group

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The Salvation Army’s Uitenhage branch invites you to a weekly women’s support group. The Home League’s Motto: She watches  ovr the affairs of her household. This women’s support group is open to all ladies both young and old from Uitenhage, KwaNobuhle and Despatch. Mothers are also welcome to gain support from the more experienced ladies in the group.

The Salvation Army frequently invites guest speakers and conducts a Bible study on the last Thursday of the month. You arel welcome to join in prayer to support each other and the local communities and townships. Below is an example of the topics covered over the last four months.

Women's Support Group Salvation Army Uitenhage

Sometimes you may feel lonely, other times you may experience high levels of stress. There is no need to keep all the problems bottled up inside of you. Women are good listeners, and can understand the challenges faces by other women much easier. Regular meetings area source of rejuvination for every family and every household, every women and every mother.

So when you need some support or help, feel free to join the weekly meetings. Here’s the details:

  • Address: 1 Bilson Road, Central, Uitenhage opposite the Convent Pre-Primary school.
  • Time: 09h30-11h00
  • Contact: Email Major Valerie Potgieter or call Ms Murray on 071-256-7149
  • Cost: FREE!

Who is the Salvation Army in South Africa?

The Salvation Army is an integral part of the Christian Church, although distinctive in government and practice. The Army’s doctrine follows the mainstream of Christian belief and its articles of faith emphasise God’s saving purposes. Its objects are ‘the advancement of the Christian religion… of education, the relief of poverty, and other charitable objects beneficial to society or the community of mankind as a whole. The movement, founded in 1865 by William Booth, has spread from London, England, to many parts of the world.

The Salvation Army South Africa The Salvation Army South Africa

The Salvation Army South Africa The Salvation Army South Africa

Twitter Blanket Drive arrives in Uitenhage

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The drop-off zones in Nelson Mandela Bay:

Twitter Blanket Drive started in 2010 in South Africa. The Twitter community moved by compassion and has engaged the social media platform to collect blankets for some of the country’s most vulnerable people. Over the past 6 years, thousands of blankets have been collected in the weeks leading up to winter to provide some relief and, of course, warmth to those in need.

Nelson Mandela Bay residents can now also take part in the Twitter Blanket Drive with two drop-off points – one in Port Elizabeth and one in Uitenhage.

“More than any other social media, Twitter is about local conversations,” says Ramon Thomas, local co-ordinator for the Twitter Blanket Drive in Port Elizabeth, and founder of TEDxPortElizabeth. “The #TBD2016 campaign shows how we can use social media to take action in local communities not just for national issues of a political nature.”

“For us as a Twitter community, social responsibility is a serious business,” says Merentia van der Vent, the national co-ordinator and Cape Town host for the Twitter Blanket Drive (TBD). “As winter’s bite fast approaches, we are aware that charities are under a huge amount of pressure to meet the demand for blankets. In today’s digital world, we have the power to make significant change, in the area of social development, harnessing the power of social media.”

The TBD started 7 years ago, in 2010, as a single tweet by Melanie Minnaar, as she contemplated the cold winter ahead and in true Twitter style, tweeted the following thought: “what if each person on Twitter donated a blanket?”

Melanie Minnaar Twitter Blanket Drive South Africa

Since then, the TBD movement has exploded and now has a national footprint with campaign drives taking place in Cape Town, Johannesburg, Durban, Pretoria and the West Coast. Previous years it was also held in Bloemfontein, East London, George, Knysna and Mossel Bay and countries like Zimbabwe & Namibia. This year the official hashtag is #TBD2016.

Last year, the Instagram community in South Africa, also supported the #TwitterBlanketDrive and collected blankets on their #Instawalks across the country. South Africans are also asked via Facebook to donate blankets.

In today’s fast paced world, using social media to increase community awareness is not only smart, but essential. According to the founder of the campaign, Melanie Minnaar, the Twitter Blanket Drive has injected a true sense of community into the South African Twittersphere, as the number of Twitter users involved with the TBD has grown exponentially since 2010. Tens of thousands of blankets have over the years been donated, to those in need.

Support Our Twitter Blanket Drive

Blankets can be dropped off at drop-off zones across the country from 7 April to Thursday 26 May 2016.

Call the local co-ordinator 081-4399555 or via Twitter: @RamonThomas

TEDxPortElizabethLive: Watch Dreams That Matter Take Shape

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Watch and share Dreams with TED. This year’s TED Conference theme is: Dream, as this stems from the idea of dreams that matter, thus the TED2016 is dedicated to the concept of listening and following dreams, and also the great dreams we are able to achieve. TED Talks are extremely popular since they have become available online in 2006.

TED2016 Dream

This year’s conference is available as a live stream event organised by TEDxPortElizabeth, and taking place on the 19th February at the Nelson Mandela Bay Science and Technology Centre in Uitenhage. The event is free and open to the general public – tickets are limited to 100 people. TEDx are self organised local events based on the TED Conferences.

Re-launching TEDx in Nelson Mandela Bay is important because it connects us with the world’s leading thinkers, scientists, artists and innovators,” says Ramon J. Thomas, a TEDFellow since 2007 and the organiser for TEDxPortElizabeth. “Our mission is to continue to expand the foundation laid by TEDxSummerstrand and TEDxNMMU who came before us.”

TEDxPortElizabeth are the hosts of the live stream of the TED2016 conference taking place in Vancouver, Canada. The Friday 19 February event commences at 09h30 and is scheduled to end at 16h30 in Nelson Mandela Bay Science and Technology Centre.

Book your FREE tickets online here.

TEDxPELive Sessions 600x800

About TED Conference:

This is a platform where the greatest thinkers, artists, leaders and story-tellers give talks on their process as well as what they have learnt and wish to give off to the world. TED is non-profit community that has become global, which has streamed talk from various people and entities in almost 100 languages. TEDx are locally organised events based on the TED format described at

About TEDxPortElizabeth:

Events organised dynamic group of thinkers, who aim to create consistent events to inspire the citizens of Nelson Mandela Bay and create connections worldwide. More info on our Facebook page.


To know more about this event and pre-book your ticket, please contact:

  1. Ramon Thomas, Tel. 041-9921215 Mobile: 081-4355599
  2. Ntsika Tyatya, Mobile: 074-0322321 / 061-7027936

2013 Nelson Mandela Bay Book at PE Opera House

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Alert! The programme for the second annual Nelson Mandela Bay Book Fair has been released. Some highlights from the fair, which will be held at The Opera House in Port Elizabeth from 14 – 16 March, include the following:

Thursday 14 March

Amabali Neentsomi: Workshop on African traditional story-telling in isiXhosa, facilitated by Jessica Mbangeni and Kholeka Sigenu.

Is Language Free? – New Activism in Language and Culture: Facilitated by Mcoseleli Dukisa with the panel consisting of Mandla Matyumza, Professor Ncedile Saule, Ntsiki Mazwai, Professor Cornelius Thomas, Dr. Don Mattera and Gontse Chaane.

Friday 15 March

Writing, Spirituality and Politics: Facilitated by Professor Xolela Mangcu, this presentation looks at what has been gained and lost against the backdrop of democratisation and shift in power to the majority of the citizenry in South Africa. How the changes impacted on the ability of writers to speak the truth to power.

The State of South African Literature: Facilitated by Sisi Maqagi with a panel consisting of Niq Mhlongo, Siphiwo Mahala, Mzi Mahola, Dr. Linda Kwatsha, Jessica Mbangeni and Buysile Western Kwenene.

Saturday 16 March

Workshop: Writing Poetry with Robert Berold.

Poetry Session: Don Mattera, Vonani Bila, Mzi Mahola, Ntsiki Mazwai, Mphutlane Bofelo, Madoda Ndlakuse, Sabata Mokae and Lesego Rampolokeng.

The Nelson Mandela Bay Book Fair (MBBF) is a project of Ikhwelo Writing Project and Imbizo Arts of South Africa. The project started in 2012. The organisers with the spirit of reaching out to all communities of the Nelson Mandela Bay hosted the Book Fair at Red Location Museum in 2012, and the 2013 edition will be hosted at The Opera House.

The purpose of the Book Fair is not tourist attraction but the promotion of the value of books and what they contain. The MBBF 2013 edition is made possible by the sponsorship from Eastern Cape Provincial Arts Council (ECPACC), Department of Arts and Culture (Nationally) and the Port Elizabeth Opera House. The guest writers invited for 2013 MBBF Edition are:

– Dr Don Matterra
– Jessica Mbangeni
– Niq Mhlongo
– Ntsiki Mazwai
– Boffelo Mpotlane
– Dr Simpiwe Sesanti
– Prof Ncedile Saule
– Dr Motsoko Pheko
– Duma kaNdlovu
– Siphiwo Mahala
– Lesego Rampolokeng

There will also be a host of local artists including Mzi Mahola, Prof Robert Berold (Rhodes University), Dr Linda Kwatsha (NMMU), Dr Cornelius Thomas (Rhodes University), Ntsika Tyatya, Babalwa Kona, Mthuthuzeli Zealand, Soga Mlandu, Mpumi Chilibe, etc.

VW to benefit province’s youth

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Zanoxolo Wayile Nelson Mandela Bay MayorVolkswagen South Africa, chairperson Hubert Waltl, says he believes the soon-to-be-built loveLife Youth Centre in Uitenhage will be to the benefit of youth in the area. Waltl turned the first sod this week at the site of the planned loveLife centre in KwaNobuhle in Uitenhage.

The sod turning was also attended by Nelson Mandela Bay mayor, Zanoxolo Wayile. The R20m loveLife Youth Centre aims to make a meaningful impact in the lives of the youth of the Uitenhage area. It will offer young people specialised counselling services and also provide support to teenagers and parents.

“Additionally, it will have outreach programmes covering nearly 20000 young people annually in the 20 surrounding schools,” said Waltl. The centre was Volkswagen SA”s World Cup legacy project, he said.

source: Sithandiwe Velaphi / The New Age

U’hage residents call for Maphazi to step down, independence

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DISGRUNTLED Uitenhage residents called for Nelson Mandela Bay Mayor Nondumiso Maphazi to step down and for Uitenhage to become independent of the Bay municipality.

Councillor Mike Kwenaite said residents had called Maphazi and Deputy Mayor Bicks Ndoni to a meeting at Babs Madlakane Hall in KwaNobuhle “to come and explain what is happening in the municipality”.

Issues discussed included budget allocation, poor housing infrastructure and municipal manager Graham Richards who is currently on special leave.

Addressing the almost full hall, Maphazi said she had to attend the meeting because of “pressure”.

“But mainly I came because people sent letters questioning whether there’s still a municipality or not.”

She spoke at great length about the Richards issue, which culminated in him taking “forced special leave” with full pay .

She said no one had taken over Richards’s position on an acting basis, but that “by Monday next week there’ll be someone who’ll lead the Nelson Mandela Metro”.

Kwenaite made it clear they had been “unhappy” with Richards’s appointment, “but we had to accept the order of the ANC”.

He said Richards’s contract was due to expire in 2011.

During questions, a resident told Maphazi, to loud applause: “You are not helpful to us in Uitenhage, for that you should step down and give others a chance… We never see you around in Uitenhage.”

Another called for Uitenhage to not be “part of the Bay municipality”.

Also to loud applause, Maphazi said: “I said it clearly to the comrades that if I must be redeployed, I must be redeployed.

“They must hire someone they think is able to do the job in the Nelson Mandela metro.”

Meanwhile, three high schools in KwaNobuhle; Thanduxolo, Nkululeko and Mlungisi, in the area called Gunguluza (Ward 45), were closed on Tuesday after a mob of protesting residents stormed onto premises, ordered the principals and staff to stop teaching and allow children to join a service delivery protest.

This happened at about 9am. The main roads in the area were barricaded by stones and burning tyres to prevent the police from entering.

Those leading the delivery protest claimed that pupils were also affected by the lack of delivery.

Teachers said ANC officials who visited the schools had dissociated themselves from the mob action.

Ward councillor and DA leader Franay van der Linde confirmed there had been a housing delivery protest, which started on Tuesday.

“I got a call from someone that two people had been killed by the police while holding a protest and I was being held responsible for these deaths,” she said.

The ward councillor claimed that three months ago she had been held hostage for two days in the Gunguluza informal settlement area by a mob of angry protesters who demanded answers for the lack of service delivery.

She said she was afraid to go and address the residents and had asked housing director Seth Maqetuka to talk to them.

Van der Linde also said it appeared the protest was just a strategy by anti- DA elements to make the area ungovernable and to remove her as councillor in order to install an ANC councillor.

“They say no delivery will take place there until I have been removed as ward councillor,” Van der Linde said.

Police spokesman Inspector Marianette Olivier said a 50-year-old man from Gunguluza was rushed to Uitenhage Provincial Hospital after being hit by a police car.

The incident took place at about 9.30am, she said. “The residents were unhappy about housing delivery.

“They were toyi-toying and blockading the road. We fired rubber bullets but no one was injured.”