Jonathan Jansen inspires Uitenhage before Matric final exams

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Prof. Jonathan Jansen

Via Ghauderen Coetzee-de Vos Prof Jonathan Jansen @ Uitenhage High
school Thursday, speaking to Matriculants in Uitenhage. Time: 11h40.
Please make sure you are early and do not miss this opportunity. This is
the man who brought Oprah Winfrey to Bloemfontein. We both spoke at the
Teenage Equilibrium Conference at St Stithians College in 2011.


Well known author, columnist and vice-chancellor of the University of the Free State, Prof. Jonathan Jansen will be visiting Uitenhage to address and most probably inspire teachers.

Prof. Jansen, as the chief editor, released a book called Great South African Teachers (Bookstorm Publishers) during October 2011.

One of the stories included in this book was written by Mrs Ghauderen Coetzee-de Vos, currently a lecturer at NMMU.

Coetzee-de Vos submitted a story on the influence of Mr Joe Slingers on her life.

“Mr Slingers has a rich history with Uitenhage. He was appointed principal at Uitenhage High School the same year that I started my standard 6 education there,” said Mrs Ghauderen Coetzee-de Vos.

“He has gone on to play a pivotal role in my life until 2009/2010 when I completed my Masters dissertation in Education with the NMMU. He is currently lecturing part-time in the Education Department of the NMMU.

“The rationale for publishing the book Great South African Teachers is that so many negativities are associated with teachers and teaching, yet there are still some good teachers out there, giving teaching the high regard it deserves. Mr Joe Slingers is such a teacher,” said Coetzee-de Vos.

She invited Prof Jansen to Uitenhage to take him to the school context in which her story happened, but soon realized that limiting the audience of him would be an injustice.

“Therefore, the idea emanated to have a Teachers Day in Uitenhage, with Mr Slingers as special guest and Prof Jansen as the keynote speaker.” said Coetzee-de Vos.

The Uitenhage District Education Department came on board in allowing some teachers to attend this event on Wednesday, 30th November from 09:00 until 11:15 at the Uitenhage Town Hall.

By Heilie Combrinck

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Who is Moulana Nadeem Khan?

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Islamic FocusIn 1988 I started high school and met the best Mathematics teacher in my entire 12-year school career. He loved Algebra and I finally understand why. I’m grateful he only left teacher afterwards. This is the story of how he became a leader in the local community and not just inside the school. My teacher, Nadeem Khan, followed his dream and calling to become an Imam. Read his story below and learn to trust your intuition and follow your heart.

Moulana did his schooling in Uitenhage, completing matric in 1979. Among his early Islamic teachers was Imam Yaseen. The turning point in Moulana’s life was in 1977 when the Tabligh work started. Moulana started going for 10 days, etc and desired to study the Aalim course. Moulana embarked on this dream in 1980 after going on 40 days Jamaat. He enrolled in Newcastle Darul Uloom which offered a 3-year course at that time. He completed the course in 1982.

Thereafter, he did a 3-year Teacher Training Program at Dower College. He completed this in 1985 and started teaching Maths at Uitenhage High School.

In 1991 Moulana was appointed Imam at Masjid Noor, Bloemendaal a post he held for a year. Newcastle Darul Uloom had by now developed a 6-year Aalim course and Moulana went back in 1994 to complete the remaining three years. Among his teachers were Moulana Sema and Mufti AK.

After completion in 1996, Moulana went for one year Jamaat to India, Pakistan and Bangladesh. In 1998 he was appointed Imam in Masjidul Mu’mineen (Durban Street), Uitenhage, a post he holds to today. Moulana is the Ameer of Nasruddeen Muslim School in Uitenhage and was a founding member in 2000.

He went for Umrah in 1990. Moulana is a member of the Council of Ulama Eastern Cape and is actively involved in community work. He carries out Halaal inspection, marriage counselling, welfare, youth programs, a Marriage/Fiqh/Tafseer Class on Sundays and Hadith Classes on Thursdays. Moulana is married with four children.

source: Islamic Focus

Made in Uitenhage music video

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This is a music video by Sean Burke. He’s father and several uncles were party is a popular band in the 1960s and 1970s called The Invaders. Sean moved from Uitenhage to Johannesburg a few years after completing high school. I was at school with his younger sister and younger brother. Since we both are based in Johannesburg I’ve had many conversations with him about the music industry and Uitenhage related social change projects. I do look forward to seeing him perform a full show with or without Loyiso Bala, another Uitenhage-born musician.

Anyway here’s his tribute to our home town, the garden town and special mention to Uitenhage High also know as Uitenhage Senior Secondary School which features prominently in this music video.