Unemployed or Unwilling to Work For Yourself?

Repost: You can go to your unemployed friend and say let’s wash taxis at the rank we going to wash 10 each and make R500.00pday (R15000pm) Your friend will likely refuse. It’s too hot I have a degree what what. Same friend gets a job offer from Capitec for R167 per day (R5000)he accepts the offer and celebrates like there is no tomorrow. That’s people for you they would rather be exploited in big fancy offices either than make their own struggle in the street. People don’t care about numbers they care about standard’s. You can cut grasses and make R10000 pm way more money than many people wearing fancy suits everyday. You must forget what people will think and face reality. Focus on number’s. They may laugh at you when your wearing your overalls cutting grasses and washing cars little would they know that you actually make more money than them. I know women that sell food at the Taxi rank who don’t make less then R1000 per day. You look down on them when your going to your air conditioned office. The big companies exploit you. They know your desperate for a job and lazy to think. My point here is doesn’t matter what your hustle may look like what matters is the number’s. A lot of people are underpaid and work for debt yet every morning you see them wearing nice clothes to work. Keep it real. Spirit โœŠโœŠโœŠ. MBCSINC

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