Francois Greyling linked to Racists Facebook Group in Despatch

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Old South Africa Flag on Despatch Facebook Group InwonersOn Sunday, 24 June, I was alerted to yet another racist incident involving the old flag. This time it was in my own neighbourhood: Despatch. During the Apartheid times it was extremely racist and like Uitenhage was ruled by the Conservative Party. Even the controversional Afriforum organisation has distanced itself from protestors using the old South African flag. The Facebook group Inwoners of Despatch is notorious for racist rants, usually in Afrikaans against the new South Africa, crime and people who are proud of the flag of their fathers.


Rodwill Bacon brought this to my attention by a post on his Facebook Timeline. They banned him when he questioned their comparison of the old South African flag with the new one. So I joined the group to gather evidence. The group admins are Karel Bredenhann and Lindie Bredenhann, owners of Pikkies Skips, a waste removal company. Despatch a small town in the Eastern Cape, between Port Elizabeth and Uitenhage, all three forming the Nelson Mandela Bay Metropolitan City.


DA councillor Francois GreylingWhat shocked me was not that most comments agreed with Petrus Robberts, the original person who was proud of the old South African flag. The most shocking was the fact that Nelson Mandela Bay’s ward 52 DA councillor Francois Greyling, is also an admin of this racist group on Facebook.

So help me share this and let’s make Petrus Robberts and the Bredenhann’s Internet famous. Feel free to copy, paste, share across all your social media. p.s. I’ve reported this post to #Facebook, the group admins, and planned to lay a charge with the SA Human Rights Commission and the Nelson Mandela Foundation, who have already spoken out about similar incidents in the past.


Facebook Group Admins: Inwoners of Despatch

These are the current admins of this Facebook group, who have banned Rodwill Bacon after he tried to engage with them about why the old South African flag is a form of hate speech, and reminds every non-white South African about the decades of suffering from Apartheid.

Inwoners of Despatch Facebook Group Admins

After being banned this Facebook Group:

Rodwill Bacon posted this message, and I’m re-posting it here, so you see the civility of his concern:

So this actually happened to me today. Someone posted a picture of the old apartheid flag on inwoners van despatch on facebook saying that the new flag represents murder, corruption and racism. That the old flag is their flag.

Me, being me…wanted to comment immediately and give them a piece of my mind…but I was a bit late for church and decide to comment later if no one said something. I went to church…the message was to keep calm when facing the problem as it prevents unwanted problems etc.

I came back home, this post still bothered me. I decided to comment but in a respectful manner. Told them what the previous flag represented etc. Obviously, it fell on deaf ears. Some responded positively.

However…I have to admit, racism is alive and well. I was so disappointed by the comments prior to mine. People supporting the old flag and what it represented. Some took it even further and spoke about ” die stem”. My comment had positive responses from white people on the group as well…but the older folk….well, disappointing, to say the least.

In the end, I have been blocked from the Inwoners van Despatch Facebook group for my comments, which were made in a calm and respectful manner. What I want to say is…please do not shy away from racist posts, stand up for something, say something. We cannot be intimidated by racism and keep quiet. It has to be addressed.


Who is DA Ward Councillor, Francois Greyling?

Yvette Greyling pleaded guilty to stealing about R880000 working at Just Letting Uitenhage between 2013 and 2014The ward councillor for Despatch is Francois van Niekerk Greyling and he was co-owner of Just Letting franchise in Uitenhage. He is also the husband of the convicted thief, Yvette Greyling, who stole R880,000 as a real estate agent from 2012-2014. The franchise was co-owned by husband and his wife. Why is a ward councillor also selling houses in his own area?

Mr Greyling is one of the Admins of this Facebook Group Inwoners van Despatch. On Sunday, 24 June at 19:12, I sent him an SMS and called him with no reply. Later I sent him a Facebook message sharing my concern about his association, and hoping that he would address this directly with the Petrus Robberts, Karel Bredenhann and Lindie Bredenhann. It’s now been 5 days and he still hasn’t bothered calling me back. Why are you still voting for this man with questionable integrity? Why is an elected public official not saying anything about this?


What is wrong with using the Old South African Flag?

They have since banned me from this group as well, instead of engaging in dialogue. Facebook also removed my initial post, hence I’m writing this even more detailed blog to expose them all. This not the first time the Democratic Alliance has been involved with issues around the old South African flag and the painfull memories that arises from it’s display, let alone celebration of what it represented.

Kieno Kammies discussed it on his radio show on Cape Talk / Talkradio 702 in 2017.

Cosatu trade union logo

Cosatu in Kwanobuhle for Worker’s Day rally

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The Congress of South African Trade Unions (Cosatu) is celebrating its main Workers’ Day rally in Nelson Mandela Bay, and is expecting a far different atmosphere than the one a year ago which saw former President Jacob Zuma heckled and the event in the Free State eventually called off.

The 2018 May Day rally wil take place at the Isaac Wolfson Stadium in Kwanobuhle and is set to be addressed by President Cyril Ramaphosa. The event has been talked up as a “building block” for the 2019 general elections.

Last year’s May Day celebrations in Bloemfontein was cancelled amid scuffles between pro and anti-Jacob Zuma groups but Cosatu believes that this year’s event will go smoothly and that Ramaphosa will be well received in the Eastern Cape.

At a press conference last month, Cosatu general secretary Bheki Ntshalintshali said the last May Day rally was held in the Eastern Cape 10 years ago, adding that it was a deliberate choice as a first building block towards the 2019 general elections.

“The choice of Nelson Mandela Bay was deliberate to liberate our people from the exploitative and suppression of the workers and communities from the chains of Mayor Athol Trollip and the DA (Democratic Alliance),” he said.

The celebrations was set to kick off at Njoli Square in Kwazakhele, before moving to the Kwazakhele police station and then finally to the stadium where workers will be addressed.

“We encourage ANC members to come to the rally,” she added. “Many of our members are part of the working class and this is a celebration of the gains of the working class.”

The South African Federation of Trade Unions (SAFTU) has announced that it will be holding May Day rallies across the country starting at 10am.

The union federation said its main rally will be held in Bloemfontein at the Vista Arena, University of the Free State. SAFTU President Mac Chavalala will address the rally.

In Durban, SAFTU members will assemble at Botha’s Place and march to the City Hall, where SAFTU 1st Deputy President Nomvume Ralarala will address them.

SAFTU National Treasurer Motswari Letshogo will address union members at the Ngoako Sports centre in Seshego.

Source: African News Agency/ANA and IOL

VW completes R6.1 billion investment

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Volkswagen Group South Africa has completed its R6.1 billion investment programme in the country, which began in 2015.

Volkswagen Polo GTI

This was announced at the launch of its new Polo in Uitenhage, Eastern Cape, on Thursday.

Most of the investment was spent on capital expenditure for production facilities, local content tooling, quality assurance and manufacturing equipment as well as information technology upgrades.

Speaking at the event, VWSA chairman and managing director Thomas Schaefer lauded the government for introducing the Motor Industry Development Programme, which was later succeeded by the Automotive Production and Development Programme (APDP).

“The automotive sector of the South African economy accounts for approximately 7.4% of the GDP and accounts for the direct employment of 113 000 people. I am convinced that the next phase of the APDP will continue in the same vein and allow for continued automotive investment,” Schaefer said.

Eastern Cape premier Phumulo Masualle said the automotive sector is one of the key sectors in the province’s economy mix, which, if correctly leveraged, can see the province not only grow the regional economy and contribute towards further national economic growth, but also become a leader in modernising and re-skilling the work force.

“We are particularly encouraged by Volkswagen South Africa’s commitment to not only their continued and expanding investment in the South African economy, but also bold initiatives such as the announcement of an R86 million grant to SMMEs located in the manufacture and distribution space of automotive parts. This is a clear signal of the private sector accepting that South Africa’s future prosperity will depend on the societal effort all of us are prepared to invest, not just government.”

VWSA also said it had introduced the one-line concept for the first time as part of the investment. This will allow for two vehicle derivatives to be produced on the same production line.

The group said it had produced 110 000 cars in 2017. This is set to increase to 133 000 for 2018, of which 83 000 will be exported to markets around the world. This will include not only right-hand drive markets, but also to some left-hand drive markets, especially for the Polo GTI. Maximum annual plant capacity is expected to be reached with a three-shift operation of some 160 000 vehicles, in 2019.

source: Moneyweb

New Central Suppliers Database Registration

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All existing and prospective service providers/creditors to the Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality are hereby notified that, with effect from 1 July 2016, the municipal (NMBM) suppliers’ database, on which they may already be registered, will cease to be operative and an electronic Central Suppliers Database (CSD), developed by National Treasury, will be implemented. Accordingly, to be able to do business with the Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality from 1 July 2016, all existing or prospective suppliers or creditors of the Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality are required to register on this Central Suppliers Database (Note: Only providers registered on the National Treasury CSD will be regarded as verified providers by the Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality).

The implementation of this Central Suppliers Database is motivated on the desire to reduce duplication of effort and cost for both business and government. Registering is to be done through self-registering on the CSD website. In the self-registering process, the National Treasury CSD will verify the following information from suppliers/creditors: (1) Business registration (including details of directorship); (2) Bank account holder information; (3) Employees in the service of the state (National and Provincial); (4) Tax compliance status (5); Directors’/Members’ identity details (6) Tender defaulting and restriction status.

Note, however, that the following cannot yet be automatically verified by the National Treasury CSD and must therefore be sent to the Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality’s Supply Chain Management (SCM) Compliance Office for verification purposes (the Municipality will receive daily updates on all successful applications for registration on the CSD website):

* Municipal Billing Clearance Certificate * National Home Builders Registration Council (NHBRC) Certificate * Construction Industry Development Board (CIDB) Construction Registers Service (CSR) status and * Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment (BBBEE) Certificate
The above must either be hand delivered or couriered to the following offices (note that this documentation must be accompanied by a completed NMBM Suppliers Verification Form, obtainable from the NMBM website ( – go to “Public Notices”) or from the offices below):

The Supply Chain Management Compliance Office, Harrower Road Depot, corner of Buxton Avenue and Harrower Road, North End, Port Elizabeth


The Supply Chain Management Compliance Office, Budget and Treasury Customer Care office, ground floor, Town Hall Building, Market Street, Uitenhage

For more details, please contact the NMBM Database Administrator, tel. 041 506 3274/3266; Fax: 0865144305 ; email:

Garden Town brand Uitenhage to be restored: Danny Jordan

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Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality Executive Mayor Dr Danny Jordaan said life will be breathed into the Uitenhage Town Hall with the appointment of senior municipal personnel in Uitenhage and hard work will be put in to restore the Garden Town brand Uitenhage used to carry.

Danny Jordan Nelson Mandela Bay Mayor

Assistant Directors of different service delivery departments will be appointed to report for duty in Uitenhage with decision-making powers to directly respond to issues affecting residents and efforts such as the “love where you live” campaign to clean up the area.

Executive Directors reported to the community regarding current ongoing expenditure in Uitenhage wards, efforts to curb water leaks, fix potholes and specific economic development opportunities that exist and the review of high rates for public facilities. The planned construction of a desalination plant, study outcomes regarding the development of the township economy, the ocean economy, the redevelopment of Bayworld and the many other planned initiatives were highlighted.

“We have the will to solve your problems and know how to do it. I can assure you that we have solved much greater problems,” Dr Danny Jordaan said to an appreciative crowd at the Allanridge Hall.

Last year the municipality hosted a council meeting at the Uitenhage Indoor Sports Centre and Mayor Jordaan said another council meeting with a clear bias on economic development for the area will be convened soon.

source: RNews

Eastern Cape refugees in the Western Cape

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by Mike Fraser

Helen Godzille DA dictator hates Eastern Cape refugeesSo black people who migrate from the Eastern Cape to the Western Cape have now been afforded refugee status by Premier Helen Zille.

The statement attributed to Helen Zille in which she is reported as referring to Eastern Cape pupils who flocked to the Western Cape for a better education as refugees is appalling,insensitive, degrading, insulting, and extremely dangerous.

Her statement was in reference to a protest in Grabouw over overcrowding at a school populated by black learners.

The statement is appalling, insensitive, degrading and insulting because the term is levelled at black people from the Eastern Cape. What about other ethnic groups who also stream into the Western Cape in search of better opportunities here. This is the first time ever that the term refugee has been used to describe South Africans who migrate from one province to another in search of better opportunities. Not even in the despicable darkest days of apartheid was this term ever used in the context that Helen has now.

I am one of many people who have relocated from the Eastern Cape to the Western Cape over the years.

Most of us moved to the Western Cape in the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s because the Western Cape is where you came to further your studies for better opportunities. The colleges and universities have always been here.

And we came to the Western Cape in our numbers, from all over South Africa, long before the ANC was in power.

So why does Helen single out black people from the Eastern Cape as refugees in the Western Cape???

You will be amazed at how many people of all ethnic groups have come to the Western Cape over the years to seek better opportunities. Many academics, and other influential people from the Eastern Cape (and elsewhere) have settled here over the years, and they are making a valuable contribution to the success of this Province.

Academics that immediately come to mind are Prof Jakes Gerwel, Prof Roland Fray, Prof Clarence Williams, to name a few. So if you follow Helen’s logic then they are also refugees in the Western Cape.

But the dear premier of the Western Cape has chosen that the term refugee in her esteemed vocabulary refer only to black people from the Eastern Cape.

Her use of the term refugees in this context is also extremely dangerous.

We know how refugees from outside South Africa’s borders, who also happen to be black, are treated in our country. Refugees are violently attacked, driven out and killed by people who see them as a threat to their own survival in our country.

The protest action in Grabouw has now turned into “race row” exactly because of this absurd racist perception that is generally peddled in the Western Cape that black people belong in the Eastern Cape and coloureds are preferred in the Western Cape. Some black and coloured people of Grabouw are violently engaging each other in defence of the very little that they possess.

The Freedom Charter declares that South Africa belongs to all who live (and love) in it. So freedom of movement is a human right in our country. Why then does Helen Zille choose to politicise the movement of people. People will always migrate in the direction of better opportunities.

In a moment of trying to score political points over her arch political opponent, the ANC, for their mismanagement of the Eastern Cape, Helen has, in the process allowed a mad rush of blood to cloud her judgement.

Or is the botox treatment getting the better of her. By the way, Helen Zille also migrated to the Western Cape from Johannesburg.

Doesn’t that also make you a refugee Helen???

source: MyNews24

Uitenhage Man up on kidnapping charge

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A UITENHAGE man arrested in connection with a tense 16-hour hostage drama in Port Elizabeth earlier this week appeared in the Motherwell magistrate‘s court yesterday

Xola Stanley Zembethe, 35, of Solundwana Street, is facing a charge of kidnapping following the incident in Motherwell.

The state opposes granting bail to Zembethe, who will now have to bring a formal bail application on February 26.

Zembethe allegedly threatened to douse his girlfriend‘s house with petrol following a long standoff with members of the police.

Police negotiators tried in vain to convince the Uitenhage man to hand himself over after he had earlier taken his girlfriend‘s sister and her two children hostage in Ndlovu Street.

Source :   The Herald

Agents find billionaire Stanford

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FBI agents in the US state of Virginia have served Texan billionaire Sir Allen Stanford with civil legal papers from the US financial watchdog, the SEC.

Sir Allen, who disappeared from public view on Tuesday when he was accused by the SEC of an $8bn (£5.6bn) fraud, is believed to be in the Richmond area.

The SEC filed a civil case in court describing the case as a “fraud of shocking magnitude”.

He is not in custody and has not been charged with any criminal violations.

But officials from the US justice department, which handles criminal prosecutions, have made clear they are proceeding with their own investigation. FBI spokesman Richard Kolko said that FBI agents, acting at the request of the SEC (Securities and Exchange Commission), had served the papers on Sir Allen in Fredericksburg, Virginia.

The Texan cricket impresario is accused of luring investors with promises of improbable and unsubstantiated high returns on certificates of deposit and other investments.

The SEC needed to serve the papers to ensure that he turned in his passport and was made aware of the proceedings against him, the BBC’s Richard Lister reports from Washington.

‘Very depressed’

Stressing that Sir Allen had not been arrested, Mr Kolko said he did not know if he had actually surrendered his passport. Giving few details, he said that agents from the FBI’s office in Richmond, Virginia, had “located and identified Stanford Financial Group chairman Allen Stanford in the Fredericksburg, Virginia area”.

The papers were served about 1345 local time (1845 GMT) on Thursday as Sir Allen sat in a car, and the authorities do not believe he had been purposely hiding from them, an unnamed law enforcement source told the Associated Press.

ABC News quoted one of the billionaire’s lobbyists, Ben Barnes, as saying that Sir Allen had been “very depressed”.He had sought to end a federal manhunt for him by directly approaching officials at the US justice department, Mr Barnes added.

Sir Allen’s father, James Stanford, told AP in Mexia, Texas, that he hoped the allegations against his son were untrue.

“I have no earthly knowledge of it,” said the 81-year-old, listed as chairman emeritus and a director for Stanford Financial Group.

“I would be totally surprised if there would be truth to it. And disappointed, heartbroken.”

Asked what advice he would give his son, he said: “Do the right thing.”

States intervene

Earlier, Peru and Venezuela became the latest countries to intervene in local banks controlled by the Stanford group.

Peru’s securities regulator suspended local operations of the Stanford Financial Group for 30 days and Venezuela said it would take control of Stanford Bank Venezuela.

Panama, Ecuador and Antigua also took action after the accusations against Sir Allen were reported.

Regulators were hoping to calm customers worried about investments as queues of worried investors have formed at banks associated with him in the US, the Caribbean and Latin America.

A civil court judge in the US has frozen the assets of Sir Allen and those of the Stanford Group, its Antigua-based subsidiary Stanford International Bank (SIB), and another subsidiary, investment adviser Stanford Capital Management.


Herbalist jailed for 15 years over fraud

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CRIMINAL activities by some foreigners were among the reasons behind xenophobic attacks which left several people dead and families displaced last year, the New Brighton Court heard.

This was the view of magistrate NK Dungane when he jailed herbalist Garry Saum Ssempija for 15 years for defrauding a Uitenhage pensioner of R540000.

The victim, Jurie Chessman Harris, had worked for VW for more than 30 years and received a substantial pension from the car manufacturer.

In sentencing Ssempija, Dungane agreed with the investigating officer, Inspector Glen van Eck, who had testified that it was not uncommon for foreigners to be involved in criminal offences and the locals who accommodated them feeling cheated.

“This may be a factor which led to the xenophobic phenomenon on foreigners. It is not the first case of a similar nature that I have dealt with,” he said.

Harris‘s woes started in April 2007 when he was introduced to “Professor” Ssempija, who promised to heal his stomach ailment.

A gardener had referred Harris to the Ugandan herbalist who operated from the Bears building in Caledon Street, Uitenhage.

During a consultation Harris mentioned his pension payout and immediately Ssempija created the impression that ancestors wanted to bless him.

In May 2007, Ssempija convinced Harris that he had spoken to the “ancestors”, who were keen to make Harris a “successful businessman”.

He told Harris the “ancestors” wanted to speak to him in person. He was then led into a dark room where a voice identified itself as the “head ancestor”. The voice instructed him to open a bank account and to hand the card and pin number to the herbalist.

He also claimed to hear the voices of “ancestors” and to have seen a big brown coffin placed in a dark room containing an alleged R2-million which could be his at a later stage.

On four occasions between May 12 and June 22, 2007, Harris withdrew R540000 from his bank account and handed it to Ssempija to be blessed.

He did not get his life savings back. The state suspects it was the work of a syndicate.

“The complainant was cheated of part with his life savings under the pretext that he would be blessed by ancestors.

“He worked hard hoping that when he retired he would have something for the remainder of his life,” Dungane said.

Source: The Herald

Bull gores farmer in Eastern Cape

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Johannesburg – A 71-year-old farmer was gored to death by his own bull after it broke out of its pen on Wednesday in Kareedouw near Uitenhage, Eastern Cape police said.

Superintendent Priscilla Naidu said Alan Desmond Germond of Melkhoutkraal tried to get the bull back into its pen around 09:00.

The bull charged and flung Germond into the air. He sustained an open wound to his stomach.

He died on scene.

The bull was shot and killed on the instruction of Germond’s son who was on his way to the farm from Grahamstown, said Naidu.


source news 24